Episode 13: What To Do When You’re Having A Meltdown


A few weeks ago, Andrew had a meltdown.

Yep – everything became too much and he went into melt down.

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s just too much – and you end up procrastinating – or even worse – you want to throw the towel in?

It’s normal and it happens to many business owners.

Andrew talks about what happened to trigger his meltdown, what he learnt from it and how he got out of it.

In this Pod Cast learn:

  • Why you go into a meltdown
  • What happens in your body and mind
  • The benefits of this occurring
  • How to snap out of a meltdown really quickly
  • How to take the learning’s from it so you can minimize the chances of this happening again.


Andrew and Adam

p.s Its not actually you having a meltdown.  It’s just your map of how you perceive the world. When you understand this – everything can change for you.

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