Episode 14: Goal Setting For Flow


Having great goals is so important to any business success.

However, most people find themselves in one of two situations in relation to their business goals.

The first situation is the goals they set lose their shine after a period of time… This eventually leads to the energy fizzling out… And the goal being given up on…

The second situation is what I call the Goal Treadmill… This is where we achieve a goal, only to find the outcome less than satisfying… And this results in us coming up with a new goal to achieve…

This cycle can go on and on for years…

However, when you get your goals set up for flow, the process of working toward your goal and it’s achievement are both rewarding and uplifting…

In this episode we cover:

  • The 4 types of Friction Goals
  • Why they way we set up our goals in the first place is crucial to a satisfying outcome
  • 5 tips on building flow into your goal setting process
  • And a ton more




Adam & Andrew

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  • The Enforcer!

    That was an awesome Podcast – my favourite so far and super relevant to everybody!