Episode 1: Creating Business Flow

Creating Business Flow

The Business Flow Show is designed to help you achieve more flow, more freedom and more fulfillment in your business and your life. It’s a pod cast show that will help you minimize stress and maximize enjoyment on your business journey. This introductory episode will explain what business flow is and why its so important to focus on while you grow your business.


In This Episode:

01:29 – Achieving Freedom is Different from Achieving Business Success
02:22 – Definition of a Business Flow
07:25 – The Challenges of Running a Business
11:25 – Defining Business Flow in a Model Space
16:13 The Four Areas of Business Flow
16:48 First Area – “Negative Spiral”
17:30 Second Area – “Current Reality Trap”
21:49 Third Area – ‘Stress”
31:40 Fourth Area – “FLOW”
34:04 The Importance of Being “In Flow”

In short, “flow in business” is crucial to one’s success because this helps determine where you will be headed in life.  To succeed in everything you do, always remember that “Flow is the target and the by-product is Success”.


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