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Adam Sowden

Adam is known as the most sough after sales specialist for experts in the coaching and consulting space.

He is famous for helping industry experts build hugely profitable promotions… With way less friction and effort… By humanizing the sales process.

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Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts In A Nutshell

  • Over a decade of mentoring and coaching experience
  • Mentor to some of the top Entrepreneurs around the world
  • Built and sold multi million dollar company
  • Founder and CEO of the Podiatry Hive
  • Author of the book ‘What The Hell Are You Chasing’
  • Founder and creator of ‘HowToWebinar’
  • Founder and creator of the ‘Flip your life’ program
  • Key note speaker at Business events

Some know Andrew as the author of the book ‘What The Hell Are You Chasing?’ ,others may also know him for the ‘Flip Your Life’ online course he created that fills in the important gaps they forgot to teach you at school and University.

Andrew believes in balance and encourages others to stop chasing stuff they don’t want, to impress people they don’t even like and to live life as a ‘fulfillionaire; someone who is rich in every area of life. His training on helping business owners complete their year before it has started, is regarded by many as the most engaging and productive talk they have ever heard. His tools to help you walk away with an Action plan with assist you make more money, gain more meaning, and achieve more freedom. Andrews’ s mission is to help people understand that business is a game and a tool to help you achieve your personal gaols.

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